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about us

My husband and i started foxtopolis Because As important family members, a pet's health and happiness is vital. In today's busy world it can be hard to satisfy a pet's diverse needs. Not getting enough EXERCISE, or spending long hours alone, can lead to obesity, BEHAVIORAL problems and stress.  that's why we strive to give your pet the best care possible by treating them as one of our own. we are located in port moody and have been dog and cat owners our whole lives. we CUrrently have two dogs, a Brittany named holly, a rottweiler named karma, and one cat named vinnie.



Our Services


Group walk

Perfect for the social dog, we hike local trails to give your pup some fun adventure time. we keep the groups small, maximum 6 pets. your dog can roam off-leash or on-leash, whatever your PREFERENCE. 

HIke times vary and can include weekends or evenings. 


note: dogs must me spayed/NEUTERED and have their shots up-to-date. dogs must be well-socialized with other dogs. Aggressive BEHAVIOR is not tolerated. 

home care

drop-in sessions that cater to your pets needs.


whether you're busy at work or away for the evening we can pop in and check up on your pup. includes: potty break, water bowl refresh, play-time, & feeding (if needed). we will also leave a note to let you know how the visit went. 


cats & other pets:

if you're away for the evening or weekend we'll ensure your pet is well taken care of. Includes: litter/potty box clean, water bowl refresh, play-time, pets, & feeding. We will also leave a note to let you know how the visit went.


Private Walk

custom walks to suit your dogs individual needs. for puppies, seniors, or dogs who prefer one-on-one attention. from walks around the block to hikes, on-leash or off-leash, whichever type of walk suits your dog best. 

Hike times vary and can include weekends or evenings. 


Note: if off-leash, dogs must be spayed/neutered and have their shots up-to-date. aggressive behavior is not tolerated. 





25$ + tax.....60-90 minute group walk plus driving time

20$ + tax.....30-Minute Private Walk               30$ + tax.....60-Minute Private Walk

20$ + tax.....30-minute Pet drop-in Service                  35$ + tax.....60-Minute Drop-in Service




if you have a question or inquiry about our services please contact us and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.